High Resolution 8K120 Projection Application from Alcorn McBride

Every time you have got points of interest with giant video screens with viewers in shut proximity, video quality, resolution, and body fee are essential elements in making certain an amazing expertise.  For the cutting-edge rides and exhibits in right now’s points of interest, these rising necessities push video projection and playback applied sciences to the bounds.  This instance goes for instance how Alcorn McBride products can be used to offer beautiful 8K resolution video with a wonderfully fluid 120fps playback fee.

Up to now, this degree of playback functionality was only obtainable from high-end computer-server applied sciences utilizing RAID arrays of storage drives.  Aside from the beautiful value of these solutions, it’s usually dangerous for the expertise when Home windows or OS-X messages pop up on the projector because the computer needs to replace itself or inform you about an issue.  Also, computer systems typically get slowed down with different non-essential tasks that may end up in poor playback efficiency.  As an alternative of getting a nice clean 120fps video, you danger stuttering and synchronization points.  RAID arrays additionally complicate matters significantly when drives fail and have to be swapped.

When combined with the proper projectors, the AV Binloop Uncompressed provides a scalable answer that may adapt to the needs of your attraction. This can be a solid-state answer that was purpose-built for high-quality high body fee playback.  It isn’t a computer-based player, so you get clean playback with clean window-free video on the outputs every time.  All from hardware that has been designed to last for many years with no upkeep.

To obviously exhibit the advantages that Alcorn McBride Show Management and the A/V Binloop Uncompressed convey to high-end projection methods, we’ll implement an 8K120 theater on this software.  This requires a total of 4 perfectly synchronized 4K120 (4096×2160) sources fed to Four edge-blended 4K projectors.

We’ll additionally make the most of ShowTouch to offer good touch panel interfaces to watch things like projector well being and provide management of the attraction.

System Elements

Let’s check out the gear we’ve designed into this technique and its position in implementing the theater.

A/V Binloop Uncompressed – Multi-channel Synchronous Video Participant

The purpose of every unit is to offer a single channel of 4K120 uncompressed playback.  Using a video sync generator and it’s included Genlock function, four of these models might be synchronized to type the whole 8K120 image.

Video Wall - AVUC

Content is saved safely on solid-state media drives as uncompressed Targa sequences.  This product bodily connects to each projector utilizing eight 3G-SDI connections to permit transport of 4K120 video without the need for extension units.  This gadget additionally connects to the V16Pro show controller by way of Ethernet in order that video clips might be performed at the applicable time and synchronized with other units within the system.

V16Professional – Show Controller

The V16Professional is the mind of this technique.  It is absolutely programmable using our free WinScript Stay software and remotely controls all the gear in this software.  This consists of triggering AV Binloop Uncompressed models in order that they playback synchronously. Ethernet or serial connections to the projectors permit the V16Pro to regulate (energy on/off, choose enter, shutter) and monitor status (lamp life, power state, and so on.).  For purposes that have the necessity, it may even trigger IO-based results utilizing its built-in digital inputs and dry-contact relay outputs. The V16Professional can also be chargeable for interfacing to the ShowTouch touch panel so that the operator can monitor system status and management the theater.

Video Wall - V16Pro

ShowTouch – Contact Panel Interface

These units work together with the V16Pro to offer a customizable contact panel interface for users.  This interface may be designed to be as easy or as complicated as the appliance requires and may provide the power to regulate the system as well as monitor status.  You should use custom graphics to go well with the shopper, like company logos, graphics, and colour themes.

ShowTouch can run on numerous hardware platforms which embrace our ShowTouch panels (obtainable in 7”, 10”, and 17”), iPads, iPhones, in addition to any Windows or OS-X based mostly pc.

Video Wall - ST10


Not many projectors are capable of this degree of playback functionality.  For this software, we advocate utilizing 4K projectors with the next options:

  • 120Hz output
  • Eight x 3G-SDI Inputs (4 for 4K60 ‘Odd’ frames, Four for 4K60 ‘Even’ frames)
  • Constructed-in mixing functionality
  • Constructed-in warping capability (for non-standard display geometry)

Community Infrastructure

Although it isn’t proven within the system diagram, it is implied that a system like this is able to include network switches and routers as needed.  On the very least, a change can be required to network all of this gear so that the V16Pro might hook up with and control all the units.  A wireless bridge or router can be required should you needed to combine WIFI units like a laptop operating WinScript Stay or an iPad operating our ShowTouch app.

Producing 8K120 projection requires edge-blending 4 4K120 projectors.  Every projector is related to an AV Binloop Uncompressed and requires a complete of 8 reproducer channels to supply the 4K120 image. 4 channels combine to play 4K60 odd frames, and the other Four channels combine to play 4K60 even frames.  This graphic illustrates how the entire 8K120 picture is divided:

8K120 Projection - Content Map

As you’ll be able to see, the last word objective is to supply 32 channels of Targa sequence information that might be performed synchronously.

File Naming

On the subject of playback management, the Binloop makes use of a file numbering convention to determine and play information.  For example, if we send the management message “Play Clip #1 on All Channels” to the Binloop it can analyze the Targa folders on the storage media to seek out the clip that’s correctly named to be clip #1.  The clip number is decided by a 5-digit quantity at the end of the folder identify.  Here’s an example:


As you’ll be able to see, the folder identify ends with “00001” which the Binloop identifies as being clip #1.  Any textual content situated earlier than these numeric digits is totally elective and could be anything you want.  For the sake of organization, the example above uses this text to offer a nice description of the clip.  For example, “B1C1” indicates that this file was created for Binloop 1 Channel 1.  “HumpbackShow” is a description of the clip itself.  This text has no useful which means to the Binloop, nevertheless it positive is good for helping a consumer to determine the clip at a glance.

When synchronizing clips between a number of channels, probably the most ultimate follow is to keep the clip numbers the same for every presentation.  For this software we’re creating a “HumpbackShow” video that may span across Four Binloops and 8 channels per Binloop.  That being the case, it might be greatest to call them like this:





Another set of video information for a special presentation may look something like this:





When the information are named properly like this, all we now have to do is inform the Binloops to “Play Clip 2” or “Play Clip 3” to set off the totally different shows.


We’ll deal with the workflow by processing the 4K quadrants with MediaFlow separately.

8K120 Projection - Workflow

When MediaFlow is provided with 4K120 source content material it can course of and export Targa information to a collection of 8 SSD units that correspond with the Eight playback channels in the Binloop.  Channels 1-Four will source the “odd” video frames and channels 5-8 will source the “even” video frames.

The quickest and best method to load content to the SSD drives is by interfacing to them instantly from a computer utilizing a SATA adapter.  A USB SATA adapter is included with each AV Binloop Uncompressed for this objective.  In the case of 4K120, you will have the choice of interfacing all Eight drives to the computer directly.  For those who do this, MediaFlow will load all Eight drives concurrently.  You also have the option of loading the drives one by one if you wish.

Once content material is loaded to the drives and listed by MediaFlow, remember to properly ‘eject’ them from the computer before unplugging them from the adapter.  The SSD drives can then be re-inserted into the AV Binloop Uncompressed.

After you have loaded 8 drives together with your 4K120 content, you need to repeat the process for the remaining 4K120 quadrants.

A show controller provides quite a lot of flexibility to this technique design. It could possibly present users with a contact panel interface so they can monitor and control the system.  It’s additionally used to automate the varied elements of the system (Binloops, Projectors, lighting system, and so forth.).

As demonstrated within the system diagram, we can be utilizing a V16Professional to offer the management for your complete system.  Its main duty can be to make sure that all 4 Binloops begin synchronously to supply a perfect 8K120 image.  The V16Professional may also management and monitor the projectors by way of Ethernet or RS232.  ShowTouch panels will work with the V16Professional to offer operators with a contact panel interface.  This interface can do issues like provide controls for the present, display show status, and show projector health. Both the V16Pro and the ShowTouch units are configured and programmed using our WinScript Stay software.

Present Control Programming

To offer the pliability required by numerous purposes, the V16Professional show controller is a fully-programmable gadget.  Utilizing the WinScript Reside software program, we should configure the V16Pro so that it’s aware of the units that will probably be controlling and the type of interface it is going to use to regulate them (i.e. RS232, RS422, MIDI, Ethernet, and so forth.).  The great library of units supported by the V16Professional is consistently updated to make this as straightforward as potential.

In this software, we should configure the V16Professional to speak with the AV Binloop Uncompressed and the projectors.  We should also create programming to set off the varied shows when buttons are pressed on the touch panel.

Although Alcorn McBride goes by means of great effort to make this programming considerably simpler than many other control methods, there’s a studying curve to utilizing WinScript Stay and the V16Professional.  In case you’re trying to study more about utilizing this interface, Alcorn McBride provides free coaching within the form of interactive in-person courses and on-line courses.

For this instance, we will probably be utilizing the identical WinScript Reside challenge that accommodates the ShowTouch panel.  This script file is known as 8K120 Projection.WS4.

8K120 Projection - Script


An amazing first step when writing any script is to configure the listing of units that can be related to the V16Professional.  This includes searching the great library of units within the WinScript library by producer and model quantity, choosing the system, and then configuring the physical connection to the gadget (i.e. Ethernet, Serial, and so on.).  For this software, we need to add our 4 projectors and Four AV Binloop Uncompressed models.  For the sake of using a real world example, we’re truly going to add a Digital Binloop for audio playback and a LightCue Professional for lighting control as properly.

8K120 Projection - Devices


Sequences are the guts of the show management script and include all the useful occasions which might be programmed.

8K120 Projection - Sequences

Let’s take a second to stroll via the important thing sequences contained on this instance script.

First, there is a sequence referred to as Initialize which does nothing extra that fill the front-panel show of the V16Pro with some textual content.  This is widespread follow because the V16Pro show is a useful strategy to show status info to operators and maintenance employees.

Then we’ve got our System_On and System_Off sequences.  System_On activates the Projectors, waits for them to power up, after which triggers a looping emblem and background music within the theater so that visitors don’t stroll into a ‘dead’ theater.  System_Off turns off the projectors and stops all playback.

Next, we now have the ‘Show Control’ sequences which might be meant to be used as management points for the present.  These sequences perform the actions essential to Begin, Idle (loop video emblem and background music), and Cease the show.  The intention is that these sequences might be tied to regulate points like Inputs, Buttons, and touch panel buttons.  A few of these sequences include logic to stop the show from operating in particular circumstances; like when the system is turned off.

Next, we’ve the show timelines; Timeline_HumpbackShow and Timeline_OrcaShow.  These timelines set off synchronous playback of the Audio, Video, and Lighting tracks for every show.  They are also answerable for triggering the theater doorways and results at exact occasions during each present.  Timing can easily be tweaked for all of these parts just by dragging them around the timeline.

8K120 Projection - Timeline

The subsequent couple groups of sequences are very simple macros meant to set off simple actions like opening/closing theater doors and triggering results.  The thought is that these sequences do no matter is important to carry out that action so that they are often triggered by identify from elsewhere within the script.  For instance, the primary show timeline can easily begin the Effect_Fan sequences to set off the 5 second fan effect.

Subsequent we’ve got a sequence dedicated to monitoring the lamp hours of the projectors.  This sequence is configured to question all Four projectors for their lamp hours each 5 minutes.  These queries fill lamp hour variables for each projector, which may then be displayed on the touch panel.

Final we have now a couple of sequences dedicated to updating the front-panel show and touch panel textual content every time status info modifications.

Contact Panel Design

WinScript Reside is a strong device for creating custom-made touch panel interfaces that may be deployed on ShowTouch enabled units.  Its flexibility permits you to cater the feel and appear of controls and standing readouts to go well with the wants of the appliance.  For this theater software, we need to present something that is designed to be used by a theater attendant.  This interface should present relatively easy control to start out and stop the present as well as monitor standing of the show.  It also needs to provide the power to watch to well being of the projector lamps.

This software word can function a starting point in implementing your personal 8K120 projection software.  Understand that this design can simply be scaled up or down depending on the decision and framerate of your software.  You possibly can genlock further Binloops to realize larger resolutions.

Now it’s time so that you can implement your personal projection challenge with the AV Binloop Uncompressed and V16Professional.  Please don’t overlook that we’re right here that will help you so be happy to contact us with questions.